The Chief Justice White Council was chartered in 1925. In 2020 our council name was changed to John F. Kennedy. Our roots come from a men's club that used to meet in the basement of the old St; joseph School building in Bogota. After meeting there for 4 years, the men were asked to leave because St Josephs needed the space. The 20 or so members decided to form a Knights of Columbus Council. Through a few difficult obstacles, the Charter was granted, and a name was selected. Chief Justice Edward Douglas White of Louisiana was selected as our namesake. His family was contacted, and their consent was given, and our council was born. We began as a council with 84 members, 71 of whom were insurance members. The location of the council has changed a few times. Up until 1963, the council hall was located at 375 Palisade ave in Bogota. After that, we moved into our current location at 829 Windsor Rd Teaneck. Our Council has sponsored many events thru the years. In our early years, our council participated in bowling, baseball, and basketball. Also, Chief Justice White Council was the first to introduce amateur boxing bouts in Bergen County in the 1920s. The Council has had ups and downs through its more the 80 years of existence. It has survived its members fighting in many wars, and it survived the depression. It has seen our country grow and flourish—all the while standing tall as a strong Catholic fraternal organization.


   In our last year, we have seen a new resurgence under our current leadership. New vigor and interest in our Council has been established. At present, we have over 200 members, and our numbers are steadily increasing. We have entered the digital age with our own website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. We still sponsor fundraisers and events such as dances and trips to baseball games. We are active in our community doing charity work with veterans and the homeless in our area. I believe this council's dream is an ever-growing one; from our humble beginnings 86 years ago, we still strive to be good catholic gentlemen in all facets of our lives.


 I wonder what our founding members would think of our council today? I'm sure they would be proud and thankful that so many great men have kept our organization strong through the years! I know I am.


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Archdiocese of Newark

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Our meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7pm sharp. Please check your calendars and try to attend a meeting. Every effort is made to ensure these meetings take no more than 60 minutes.

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